Where to Buy Instagram Likes

As people and businesses are getting the hang of Instagram marketing, they are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of buying Instagram likes to boost the popularity of their content and make it relative to their following. If an account were to have a lot of followers but not many likes, it tells the world that the majority of the followers are not organic, and was likely purchased.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with buying followers and likes on Instagram, but you should be smart about it to avoid drawing negative attention and to bring in real followers, which is why you buy Instagram likes and followers in the first place.

Individuals buy instant Instagram likes to make posts look more appealing, while businesses purchase likes to give the appearance of demand for their products and services. Popularity draws attention, which is why one should consider buying automated Instagram marketing services.


Why you Need to buy Instagram Likes

The question isn’t whether or not you should be buying Instagram likes, because the answer is that you must if you want to attract real followers and grow your account to actually benefit you. Anyone is able to buy Instagram likes, but these likes don’t engage your content. They are there to make your Instagram account appear more popular to attract legitimate users.

If you have likes but no followers it makes your page appear fake, which isn’t going to attract real users. It would be the same as giving a speech to an empty room. It doesn’t matter how good your message is if there’s no one there to hear it. Each dollar spent on buying Instagram followers and likes is an investment in marketing and promotion all designed for a single end goal; attracting real users that will offer genuine engagement. You may want to simply build up a personal account in the hopes of meeting new people, or you may wish to increase awareness to your company through a business account.

Post Engagement is Just as Important as Follower Count

There’s something you should keep in mind if you’re on a limited marketing budget: Buying Instagram likes is as important for your efforts as buying Instagram followers. There has to be a balance in order to make the account seem natural. As you get started, you are likely to buy Instagram followers. While the followers provided by Soizaly are 100%, they aren’t able to like posts, which means that you have to purchase Instagram likes to ensure it all looks believable.

You shouldn’t assume an account with a lot of followers is going to draw more attention than one with a small number of followers. We’ll provide with an example; as yourself which account is going to be better for attracting active legitimate followers to an account:

An account that has 100,000 followers but almost no engagement; a cursory glance shows you each post receives around 20 likes at the most.


An account that has 10,000 followers, but is more actively engaged with each post receiving up to 1,000 likes.

The second account is one that looks more believable and authentic, which means it can be used to draw more real users. A small following with a comparable number of likes is going to be better for attracting legitimate users. Bigger isn’t always better in this case.


How Many Instagram Likes you Should be Buying

There are two reasons why a 10% ratio is a good choice: the first is that this number is believable, and the second is that it is cost effective to keep this ratio going if you have a believable amount of Instagram followers. Is it believable for someone who isn’t a celebrity to have over 500,000 Instagram followers? It isn’t, which is why you should aim for believable numbers. As per our example above; having an account with 10,000 followers and a sensible number of likes helps build your account better than having unrealistic numbers.

Best Place to Buy Instant Instagram Likes

We may be biased because this our blog, but there are good reasons we served over one million orders since 2011. We understand how important it is to deliver quality accounts and we understand our customers need their followers and engagement delivered as quickly as possible.

If you make the wrong choice when purchasing instant Instagram likes and followers then you could do more harm to your account than good. Trust in the experts and get your Instagram marketing services from Sozialy. Start out with a small order and get ready to be blown away by how quickly we deliver high quality accounts.


You need to buy Instagram likes if you’re looking to maintain the authenticity of your profile when making use of services that artificially inflate popularity to attract legitimate users at a faster pace. Most people will buy their Instagram followers and wonder why more real users aren’t attracted to their profile. More often than not it’s because they haven’t bought any Instagram likes as well. Large followings are repellent if they don’t come with an increase in engagement, pushing potential legitimate followers away rather than drawing them to you.

If you’re looking to give your Instagram profile some balance, then you should buy Instagram likes as well. Just tell us the posts that you want to be liked. We would suggest spreading out your likes evenly to create consistency. If you look at some posts on popular Instagram likes, you’ll see that they have consistent engagement rates. This is the best indication that accounts have authentic followings.

When buying Instagram likes from Sozialy you can rest assured that you have your order delivered in just 60 minutes each and every time, and that you have the highest quality likes possible. Join the over one million satisfied orders we’ve already serviced and start today. We’re ready to help you build your presence on Instagram for personal and professional needs, and we look forward to working with you.