13 Tips to Getting More TikTok Followers

tiktok followers

Like any social media platform, it can be difficult to grow a following. It takes lots of hard work and time. Analyzing other popular accounts is a great way to get a sense of what works and what doesn’t. Use them as an inspiration and try these tips to build you following!

  • Be Consistent

You can post content as often as you feel is right, but keep up with a schedule. Post once a day or maybe twice a week and keep up with that. By doing this, you ensure that your content is circulating and that you will be found. The reason people follow your account is because they want to see more, so make sure you deliver.

  • Stand Out

On TikTok, it’s all about being unique. You can copy what someone else does that you see already works, but then you need to find a way to make that unique. It could be the way you dress, a talent you have, or the way you talk. 

  • Share Your Account on Other Social Media 

TikTok is still one of the newest social media platforms, which means it still has a lot of growing to do. Take advantage of this fact by sharing your posts on your other social accounts to gain more followers. People that already follow you on other platforms will likely follow you on TikTok since they trust your opinions and are already enjoying the content you show them. Try using #tiktok on your Instagram or Facebook posts.

  • YouTube Videos

If you already have a YouTube channel use this as a way to tell people about your TikTok account. Tell them to follow you there and that they can leave their username in the comments below. 

  • Learn from Others

The “For You” page is a great place to get a feel for what is trending and what users with lots of likes and followers are doing. Try to analyze the hashtags that they use and ask yourself – what about them do you think attracts followers to them. 

  • Public Account

If you’re young, your parents may not want you have a public account, but it is super important. Make sure that your account is set to public so that you are visible to everyone. This will give you a better shot of coming up on the “For You” page and also allow people to see all of the videos that you’ve made so far.

  • Pick an Easy Username

Make it easy for people to find and remember you. If you pick a difficult name people aren’t going to look you up and you will not get as many likes and followers. Simplicity is key!

  • Use Popular Music in Your Videos

There’s nothing like getting people pumped by playing their new favorite song in your video. People can look up videos by their favorite song, which means this is one more way that users can find their way to your account.

  • Get On the “For You” Page

This is the key to your success on TikTok. The way users find new people to follow is through this page. Use hashtags to get yourself on this page. Specifically, try these tags to give yourself a chance to get on the “For You” page #fyp #4you #foryou #featureme. You can also try looking up the current trending hashtags just by typing in “#” and seeing what comes up. These are great to use as they already have a big following.

  • Encouraging Others

To get more followers you can scroll through the “For You” page and comment on other posts with “#4you check out my account.” Assuming the person isn’t already super popular they might take your offer to check your profile out and if like what they see, they might decide to follow you. Although not the nicest tactic, you could follow other users – wait for them to follow you and then unfollow them a few days later. Some many notice, but not all of them will.

  • Stay Up-to-Date with Trends

It will be really difficult to keep up a following on TikTok if you are not keeping up with the trends. Using trends in your videos will give you a good chance of getting featured too.

  • People Love #Fail & #Storytime

Utilize any funny or embarrassing videos that you have and add the hashtag #fail or if you have any great stories – tell them and add the hashtag #storytime. These are both binge watched hashtags and are sure to bring you more TikTok followers if you post good content. 

  • Get a Better Phone or Skills

If your phone camera is lacking – consider upgrading. To save some money try to get a refurbished phone. Learning to use all the tools that TikTok has right in the app is a lot to learn. Learn to use it to it’s full capacity to produce the best videos possible. 

We hope these tips will help you make any necessary changes to what you are doing. By using them, you’ll be able to revamp your TikTok account and with some effort, you’ll be on your way to more followers!

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