Sozialy’s Social Marketing Scholarship

We believe that proper education play a vital role in shaping the future on students. Also any financial assistance in meeting the education related expenses can have a great impact. So, we have decided to create a scholarship program for the students which shall be called as Social Marketing Scholarship. We think this might prove beneficial to the students currently pursuing their education to achieve their professional and personal goals.

Brief Description

Sozialy believes that proper education plays a vital role in shaping the future of students. We understand that any financial assistance in meeting educational related expenses can have a great impact on students, which is why we have created a scholarship program named “Social Marketing Scholarship”.


Scholarship Award

  • The Social Marketing Scholarship offers a grant of $750 to the winner


  • Currently enrolled undergraduate students in any university in the US
  • Your GPA should be at least 2.5

Number of awards

Sozialy offers the award to only one successful applicant each year. All submissions will be judged on the level of creativity, uniqueness and on its content.

Application process and Guidelines

  • Submit a well written essay or design an infographic, in English containing a minimum of 750 words, titled “How important is social media marketing today”.
  • Provide proof of University enrollment
  • Attach CV/Resume/Bio Data

In order to apply for this scholarship, please provide all of the required documents, either in Word of PDF format at [email protected]

Important Dates

  1. Contest ends on May 22, 2018
  2. Winners will be announced- May, 2018