The Psychology Behind Instagram

We can all agree that Instagram has become one of the happiest platforms to be on today. If you use Instagram, and chances are pretty high that you do, you know it’s filled with cute animals, delicious and amazing looking food, beautiful sceneries and motivational quotes. Ever wondered how Instagram managed to become so big? There are some key psychological components to Instagram which we’ve put together for you. Once you understand how these components, you can use them to enhance your account and gain more followers.

1. Instagram Is Addicting

When you think of sharing an activity on social media, there are specific rewards distinctive brain centers that activate. Just remember the most recent time you went outside and saw an opportunity to take a photo- you were probably thinking how you can’t wait to share it on Instagram! The chemical substance called dopamine which is associated with addiction is released when you post something on social media and people engage. This basically means that people can get “addicted” to social media accounts. When we’re with people we don’t talk about ourselves that much, however, when we’re on social platforms that time usually increases. In a New York Times study, it was revealed that people share photos on Instagram to keep in touch with family and friends. With social media, we create an image of ourselves as we’d wish to be viewed, which cab develop into some sort of self-appreciation.


2. Psychology Behind Engagement

A good way to gain followers and enhance your profile is to like other people’s posts on social media. However, there’s this one thing called the effect of reciprocity that has even more influence on your likes than anything else. The effect of reciprocity is pretty simple: people return back favors hence people return back likes. Whenever you see a like notification, our brains dictate us that we should return those likes to the people who liked our posts. Basically, the main thing you have to do to enhance your account is to engage.

engage sozialy

3. The Principle Of Likeness

This principle is exactly what it sounds like. People usually that they find familiar, so if someone likes your posts it’s because can relate to it and find it usually similar to themselves. This is shown in the way people dress, talk, walk and everything else they do. Use this information and make your Instagram account look like something that people will connect and engage with. Optimize using hashtags by creating your own unique ones. Using universal hashtags that people like, like something about holidays will help keep people interested your account. For example, if you tag a location your account will have that “human element” which will make people engage with it- they can comment that they’ve been there or how nice it looks. Make sure to check out our followers packages by clicking here!


4. Reality Check

Before we social media, we all thought celebrities are untouchable. Today we can easily see these celebrities and what they’re up to all over Instagram- from waking up in the morning all the way to cooking dinner for their kids. The walls have finally come down for all of us, the people of the internet. Now people have become reachable because of Instagram, but because of its nature, reality has gotten a bit blurred. It’s important not to get lost into a fake world of social media, but you should use the effect that pictures have to market your brand.

Reality Check sozialy

5. Gratification Delay

This one is mainly for all the food enthusiasts out there, but it can easily be true for the entire Instagram world in general. Photographing your food gives you some time before you eat it, which creates some sort of a reward sensation after you’re done. Journal of Consumer Marketing wrote that posting photos of your food on Instagram does indeed make it taste better. We’re not kidding- it can even make you healthier. Studies show that scrolling through photos of food like oatmeal, fish and salads made them appear more delicious, hence making people want to eat them.