Top 6 Instagram Promotion Apps


Almost everyone who owns a smartphone has an Instagram account. Though owned by Facebook, Instagram has managed to surpass it by becoming the leading social media platform to provide entertainment to all of its users. Naturally, this has led Instagram to become an essential tool for marketing. Artists, companies, and entrepreneurs use this platform to promote their business and engage with their audience. There’s much more to Instagram than putting on filters to your photos. Here are some of the best apps out there you should be using for your business.

1. Flipagram

Flipagram is a free Instagram app which lets you create and share amazing musical video stories, known as “photo video stories”. You can use your photos and videos to create a series of your photos together showing cool stories. You can even pick the perfect soundtrack from millions of popular free choices. This app is very entertaining and engaging, making it easier for you to enable traffic to your products.



2. Layout

This app is quite similar to a collage app. With it, you can put on two to nine photos in just one image. You can select your photos from the camera roll, most recent or from the “unique faces” option which complies photos a people. With its new feature, Photo Booth, you can combine up to four photos in a row.



3. Pixlr

This free app lets you edit your photos with over two million effect, filters, and beauty features. Pamper yourself using features like pencil drawing, ink sketch or posters. You can even get rid of pimples, red-eye and whiten your teeth. For all the not-so-photogenic people out there, this app is perfect for you!



4. Instasize

As the name gives it away, with this app you can resize your photos or videos so that Instagram doesn’t crop out most of your post. You can also use premium filters, as well as advanced editing tools this app offers such as collage maker or video-editor. It’s a nice and easy way to post something different on your profile.



5. Repost

Though this app is mostly used by celebrities who re-post their follower’s photos, you can use them too! Download this app and share your most loyal follower’s photos or videos! Make sure to create a unique hashtag for your brand so you can gather more traffic and visibility.




6. Schedugram

This app lets you manage multiple accounts on Instagram without logging out while switching from one account to another. This app uploads photos for you by compromising basic editing tools. Now that you know this, get the app and enjoy all the free time you’ll have in your hands. If you’re managing a couple of accounts and you’re having trouble reaching a larger audience, check out our packages and promote your account overnight.