How to Increase Instagram Likes

The three engagement metrics that show how popular a profile on Instagram are the number of people following the account, the number of likes the pictures on the account receive (or views in the case of videos) and how many comments are on each post.

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Even though how many followers an account has is the main indicator of how popular an account is, you should also focus on getting as many Instagram likes as possible to perfectly complement the high follower account. Instagram has become one of the most popular marketing platforms thanks to its ever expanding userbase. People can look at an account with a lot of followers but barely any engagement on the posts and know that it likely built on fake followers, which instantly discredits the account completely.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong about buying Instagram followers, but you must ensure that you’ve put together a good strategy for using these followers like any tool; treat them like a foundation on which to build a following of real followers to like, share, and comment on your content.

Why you Need to Focus on Likes as Much as Followers

When you ignore likes – a common mistake made by Instagram users – it decreases the effectiveness of your efforts. Buying Instagram followers is enough to make your account look attractive from a distance, but if someone takes a closer look at your posts they will be able to tell that you have a fake following if there’s no actual engagement on the posts. They need to see that people are liking your posts at the very least.

If someone sees that your account has over 100k followers, but each post gets a handful of likes at the most, they won’t follow you because they assume you’ve bought your followers and any popularity you have is fake. If someone were to see that same account and see that you had up to 20,000 likes on your posts they won’t question anything. They’ll know that the account is popular and it’s one they should be following. Buying both Instagram followers and Instagram likes helps you bring in real followers and create a legitimate and loyal following for the account.

Best Strategy for Increasing Your Instagram Likes

If you have a brand new account, then you should consider increasing Instagram likes as you post, adding more likes to each post as it goes up. This makes it appear that your followers are so engaged with your content they connect instantly and start liking it. If someone looks at your post and sees that the most recent posts you make are being engaged with it tells them you are popular.

If you’ve got an older account and you want to grow it out a little, then there are some things you need to do:

The first thing is making sure that you don’t just get more Instagram likes on the most recent posts you’ve made. If someone sees that your posts from a few weeks ago are getting just 10 likes, and that your latest posts have tens of thousands of likes, it’s going to set off some red flags. You must create the illusion your account has always been popular. People won’t look back too far, but you should ensure that a good sized portion of the content you upload has a similar amount of likes.

Naturally the amount of likes a post receives increases with your follower count, so start out small and sprinkle the likes around, increasing the number of likes as you get to the most recent posts. When you post new content you need to increase the number of Instagram likes as fast as possible. It’s bad to have a lot of posts with a lot of likes and then one with none at all. Make sure the likes flow in as soon as the posts are made. This isn’t an issue when you buy your Instagram likes from Sozialy though because we deliver our Instagram likes within a matter of minutes.

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Ideal Follower to Like Ratio on Instagram

The ideal ratio for followers to likes on Instagram is around 10:1. This means that if you had 10,000 followers for example, each post should have around 1,000 likes. Of course, having an exact number of likes on a post just looks unnatural, so don’t focus too much on precise numbers. So if you posted three images you could have 893, 1,174, and 972 likes respectively. These are believe numbers that look natural on a 10,000-follower account.

If you gave each post exactly 1,000 likes then it would look fake and negatively impact the growth of your account. The trick to successfully marketing on Instagram with purchased likes and followers is to make it all look as natural and real as possible. Problems arise as soon as things look fake.

Your Instagram Likes Must be High Quality

There are plenty of websites out there offering to boost Instagram likes, but these websites are not created equal. The quality of the likes you receive will either make or break your Instagram profile. It’s all too easy to see who is liking your posts, and if someone does look through your page and they see accounts that have strange names and lack profile pictures, you run the risk of your account being flagged as spam.


Now you know how important Instagram likes are, you should set out to balance your account and ensure your content looks as popular as the following it has would suggest. Increase Instagram likes in an instant by choosing one of our packages and telling us the posts you need the engagement to be distributed to.

We use a streamlined process to deliver Instagram likes as quickly as possible. It should never take us more than an hour to deliver your order. We will never ask you for sensitive information such as your account password either. The only thing we require from you is the URL(s) of the content you need us to deliver likes to. Should you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department. Our agents are ready 24/7 to answer and all questions you have.