How do I Get More Instagram Followers?

There are lots of different brands of social media around these days, and most people get sucked in at some point. The fastest growing social media platform right now is Instagram. Just look at their insane numbers for yourself if you don’t believe me.


So you’ve created your Instagram account and posted your favorite photos, but you aren’t getting any followers yet. There are also no likes on your photos, and it’s enough to leave you demotivated. You thought you were sharing the very best photos you had, and you want people to appreciate them and see them.

I have to be honest with you; there’s much more to the process than just this. Keep reading and I’ll answer the questions you have on how to get more Instagram followers.

One thing you have to understand about Instagram is that there are millions of users; 300 million active users a month to be exact. This means you need to stand out to stand a chance of growing your audience. This could be said of everything in life actually, and Instagram is no different. If you post the same stuff that a million other people are posting, or even reposting the images others are posting, then you aren’t going to make it. Your content needs to be original and high quality.

Something else to keep in mind is knowing your target audience. If you aren’t sure of your target audience, then you can’t expect anyone else will know it. You can’t post lots of random and unrelated images. You wouldn’t start an account with the intention of sharing cat photos with the world and then suddenly start posting pictures of snakes. It just confuses your followers and makes them consider unfollowing you.

The following is a simple checklist I put together myself of the things you should consider making a part of your Instagram strategy. Here’s a rundown on how to get more Instagram followers;

  • Post things that appeal to your target audience
  • Be consistent with your posts as consistency is key
  • Encourage activity in the comments by asking questions, such as asking your followers if they have plans for the weekend
  • Give out incentives for followers to tag friends – such as telling them to tag friends who do what the post is about
  • Use double taps to your advantage, I.E telling people to double tap and see what something spells
  • Run the occasional competition
  • Appeal to the emotions of followers
  • Use hashtags in your comments rather than in the image description area
  • Add some branding to original content

There are lots more things you can do to get more Instagram followers, but you can find all the bad advice in this article from Stuart McKeown. Stuart goes into a lot of depth on achieving Instagram success and creating a solid brand on the platform. He explains how he took just five months to gain over 110,000 followers, and offers reports on his experiences and the different methods he employs. It’s a great read for all the Instagrammers out there looking to build their follower counts. So what are you waiting for?