How to Buy Instagram Followers

The concept of buying Instagram followers could be considered one of the seedier aspects of this popular social networking sites. It’s something that people would rather believe didn’t happen, but the reality is that we’re so fixated on getting more followers and likes that we don’t think twice about having them given to us instantly rather than having to work hard to gain them “fairly”.

instagram followers

There are thousands of bloggers, politicians, celebrities, and brands that have found themselves facing accusations of buying Instagram followers. Of course, people are going to be suspicious if one day an account gets over 1,000 new followers in an hour or so and it can drive away original followers. Consider yourselves warned about the dangers of buying likes and followers. Nevertheless, here we are. It is entirely possible to buy followers on Instagram and it can work. Just keep in mind that these followers aren’t going to people that actively engage with you and your brand. Rather they are nothing more than an army of spambot accounts shilling for softcore porn. When it comes to buying followers it’s more for prestige than anything else. It’s to make your account look and feel more impressive. The number of people following a page can be a major factor in the decision to follow a page or not. Those first 1,000 followers will get your account started and, with luck, encourage others to follow the account as well. These people are the genuine humans that are actually going to engage with you.

There are several paths you can take to buy Instagram followers and send your follower account into overdrive with your credit card. This includes either a company that has all these fake pages ready to follow you, or paying a company that use automation to follow and unfollow hundreds of accounts to encourage them to give you a follow back. It is the unwritten rule of social media courtesy that you should always check out the profile of someone that follows you, if not follow them back. Another way to buy Instagram followers is to connect with a company that uses a different kind of Instagram automation. These companies automatically post comments on pictures other people post.

To put it simply, these companies do the things that are recommended for getting a huge following on social media sites like Instagram, but they do all the work so you don’t need to. There’s no need for you to do anything at all when you buy Instagram followers. All you have to do is provide your chosen service with the name of your Instagram account, make the purchase, and sit back as your audience grows before your eyes. There are a range of different services and companies out there offering the same service at a similar price, but you should expect to pay around $14.99 (£11.37) for 1,500 followers and it can take up to 10 minutes for the followers to arrive, depending on the service. Some services try to make the followers look more realistic by providing them in short bursts over a longer period of time.


Don’t forget that the only thing you’re paying for is a slightly higher number of followers. Not one of these people are going to comment on your posts or otherwise engage with you through Instagram. After you have purchased your followers it’s going to be obvious to the people that look through your followers that you’ve paid for some of them.

Another way to grow your Instagram fanbase is by using automation tools. This involves subscribing to – and paying for – a service that automatically likes and comments on random Instagram posts with the idea that the people who receive these likes and comments will follow you back. You can choose hashtags that your audience are going to use to focus the comments on these particular hashtags. There are also options to choose which comments a bot can make as it goes about its work.

Buying Instagram likes is going to net you more followers that these automation processes, but going the automation route makes things look more organic. One warning we have for automated comments is that it’s easy for people to call you out on these fake comments because random people are commenting on their photos. One of the only reasons that happens is because of automation.

We recommend businesses and brands avoid using automated comments because this could lead to some sticky situations. Bots are also not perfect and they make mistakes such as following a lot of people that you don’t want to follow and sending your follower/following ratio out of whack.