Five Easy Ways To Promote Your Business On Instagram

Modern businesses all around the world are now using social media to promote their brand to their target audience. Social media offers a great platform where you can not only promote your business but can also keep close contact with your clients. The most used social media networks today are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. They offer a great space for businesses to share images, videos, messages or anything else related to their content or service.

Instagram has become one of the most effective brand-building tools available today, with more than 300 million daily active users. Instagram essentially allows businesses to market their brand to a targeted and interested audience by sharing photos, giving sneak peeks of new projects and receiving feedback.


However, promoting your businesses on Instagram is not as simple as it might sound. There is more to marketing your brand on Instagram than just publishing nice-looking images. Here are five strategies on how to optimize your professional Instagram presence and gain loyal followers:

1. Make Use Of Instagram Tools

Instagram offers so much more than just trending photos or videos. There is a wide range of tools that Instagram offers to promote your businesses to your targeted audience. You can now have a business profile on Instagram where you can include your contact details such as call-to-action and other information which allows users email, message or call the business.

Instagram also offers analytics to track your audience in real-time. By using this tool, you can see your audience’s actions (for example views or likes) and their engagement with your content in general. To be able to use these options, you need to transform your regular Instagram account into a business account. Doing so will help you gain a better understanding of your audience, the reach of your brand and your customer’s needs. If you’re still working on reaching out to clients, we have the perfect solution for you. Buying Instagram Followers is the first step in becoming Instagram famous overnight! This is where Sozialy comes in, the industry leader in offering the highest level of quality Instagram followers and likes.

2. Be Careful With Your Posts

In order to attract more visitors to your Instagram profile, make sure you post creative and engaging posts. However, posting all the time can get annoying and your followers might lose interest and even unfollow you. In order to avoid this, we recommend scheduling your posts. There’s no need to post frequently to establish your position. If particular types of images at particular times of the day drive tons of engagement, keep using those types of posts at those times. The more you understand your audience’s response, the more effective results you will get.

3. Connect Your Instagram Profile With Your Other Social Media Profiles

If you already have followers on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or other sites, you can easily push them to your new Instagram account. Instagram lets you connect your other profiles so that your posts can get published to those accounts as well. Simply invite your followers to join in your Instagram profile so that they will get another platform from where they can socially connect to your brand.

Connecting Instagram with your other social media profiles with help you boost your presence intensively. Keep in mind that you may find difficulties in gaining loyal followers to your Instagram profile right away, so come up with a creative strategy while posting on Instagram so that you give them enough reasons to follow you there as well.

4. Post Creative Content

Promote your brand with creative, professional and attention-grabbing photos. Instagram offers a range of filters which you can use to enhance the colors of your photos. Resize your photos for professional quality and use filters to stand out. Lighter, brighter images generate more likes than dark images. Stay consistent with your photos so that your brand can get instantly recognized by your followers.

Make use of Instagram’s stories and live videos. The app now offers creative ways to promote your brand and making Instagram videos don’t require a ton of production. They are usually served in bite-size pieces with a time limit of one minute. All you need for an eye-catching video is creativity and followers!

5. Always Use Hashtags

Use hashtags to widen your businesses discoverability. Hashtags allow users to encounter your brand outside your account into communities linked by the keyword you use. Research has shown that using five hashtags is just enough for users to engage with your brand, so make sure the ones you use are creative, relevant and fun.

Find other similar accounts, like big brands or famous bloggers, through different hashtags variations and follow them in order to make your startup visible to them and their audience. If you want to boost your user engagement, make sure you should use interactive hashtags for your Instagram posts. This will help you generate more followers on Instagram quickly and efficiently. Click here to find out why buying online followers is important for your business to succeed.