7 Reasons Why Your Instagram Followers Aren’t Buying your Services

In order to reach your probable customers to sell your products and brand to them Instagram is today considered as a leader as it helps in accessing large visual market quickly. The reason behind it is that being a social platform Instagram leads the sellers to the shoppers to interact with them.

Though you may find it difficult to sell your products through Instagram but few important tips gathered by me here under can help you to sell your products to more buyers. By following these tips, believe me, you need not buy followers on Instagram to increase the sales of your products through this social platform.


Buy Followers on Instagram

Though it looks very simple but it can greatly affect the results of actual involvement of this platform if you buy Instagram followers. Even if quantity and quality both are important while using Instagram still you should prefer quality over quantity. For instance, you may get likes and comments from 1000 followers out of 40,000 followers you have on your record. Buying Instagram followers can be the reason behind this difference.

In order to increase your sales, you should ensure the engagement of your followers in your Instagram products instead of converting comments and likes into sales. If you can get original followers then it is the best way to increase the numbers of your followers than buying them. Instead of taking any action instantly you should go through this write-up to improve your sales through some free options.

What you are selling is not clear

Usually people take it for granted but they should reconsider that whether the photos displayed by them can define their products perfectly. It is necessary to ask your colleagues and friends to get their feedback on your photos before displaying them on Instagram. On the other hand you can know the views of the users on your message by opening up a group of focused people.

It is important that your photographs on Instagram should be edited nicely to show the things sold by you clearly. In order to get different results you should patiently organise your photos in different manner. You can also spend some money on making good lighting arrangement, if natural light is not enough, to make some difference in these photos while taking them.

You can also use captions to make it clear about the products you have offered through Instagram. While selling your products you can also use your photos with captions to give right information to your customers. You can also use such things for Instagram followers to avoid doing the same things repeatedly.

Improper use of hashtags

The importance of hashtags cannot be denied as it is good to add few hashtags to the photos you have displayed as well as on your brand. If Instagram followers could not find you through the hashtags then posting photos with hashtags can be a sensible move. If you are selling maxi-dresses or skincare products then adding hashtags to them like # MaxiDresses or # SkinCare can make it easier for your customers to find you on Instagram. On Fridays you can also use #TGIF post to start engaging other users in a fun manner.

But you should ensure that whatever you are using should be related to your products. For instance, if you are selling makeup then you should avoid hashtagging #Athleisure. You should try to get the traffic of right people to your page to let them start buying.

Product pages are not linked

You should use your bio to link the product page easily and quickly. Most people check the bio portion of the product they like to be linked to the website directly. In this way, you need not spend time on editing the pictures you have posted on Instagram to engage people in different manners and to attract your various types of followers in different ways.

The easiest way to surely know that you product is actually visited by someone is to link in your bio to your product page. A new feature Shop Now’ has been added by the Instagram to your photos but if you want to see the effect of the link on your sale or you a newbie then you are suggested that before giving the quick description of your brand you should link it to your bio.

Target audience not defined clearly

Seldom people do not buy what you are offering them by speaking about your brand as they are not clear about the story of your brand. It will be better to display photos to your brand story if you know your target audience who can buy your products. So before adding a brand story on Instagram it is better to know your target audience and the type of story you are trying to cater them. You should go to Instagram after having a solid idea about what you are going to display there. You should ask yourself whether the photos tell complete story of your brand or something has to be deleted from it.

You can easily find out the things to be portrayed and posted if you have a right story.

Inconsistent presence

It is about scheduling the types of photos along with posting them. In order to stay relevant to your followers you should have a consistent schedule. You can lose the followers pt their interest if you remain absent for an entire week. You should be active to keep people engaged so that they can follow you as much as possible.

Absence of reposting

Reposting definitely has power to make difference. You can easily attract other people when you repost them what you are going to offer them or to tag you in their content. In order to help you in humanising your brand and your content reposting can be used as a powerful tool. Though you should not overdo your repost but you should ensure to say something in bold words for other users who admire you or admired by you.

Thus, by avoiding the mistake discussed above you can encourage your Instagram followers to buy your products.