6 Useful Tips to Elevate Your Instagram Content and Gain Followers


Whether you use Instagram for personal purposes or as a required platform for your business, more followers is always going to be a positive thing. Some accounts get noticed way more than others and there are usually valid reasons for that. The following 6 tips will help you grow your Instagram from something small, into a gold mine of a brand.

1. Hashtags are important


Using hashtags on Instagram is really important in terms of getting noticed but you have to make sure that you are using them correctly. Stuffing 10+ hashtags into one post comes off as over advertising and doesn’t really go down well with followers. Make sure that the hashtags you use are relevant to the topic or what you are promoting. Creative hashtags that are not branded are appealing but be sure to remember that each social media network will use different ones. Don’t hashtag every possible thing, using more than the words itself is a big no no! Check out other popular Instagram accounts that are similar to you/your business. This will give you a better idea into how hashtags work and should be used correctly.

Depending on the type of Instagram page you have, using branded and unbranded hashtags at the right time is going to be beneficial. Many Instagrammers who SHOULD have a big following, don’t because they don’t use hashtags or don’t use them correctly. If you are a business and have a decent following already, when talking about your business or promoting a product you should always hashtag your brand. If your business is relatively new, don’t include your brand but instead use hashtags that are relevant to your particularly genre of work.

2. A takeover

The idea of an Instagram takeover might sound pretty intense but it’s actually quite straightforward. What it entails is somebody taking over your feed for one whole day without any influence from you. Obviously, this should be somebody you trust and preferably someone in the same/a similar line of business as you. Invite someone influential to do this for you and you will see your audience grow enormously! In order to have a successful takeover on your Instagram account, you need to complete the following steps.

  • Make a list of potential candidates who would do the job well.
  • Follow the people you are interested in, like/comment on their posts and try to start up a line of communication with them.
  • Start promoting their services/business on your posts in order to really get noticed by them.
  • Reach out to people that you know on social media, follow them and hopefully you will start to get many followers back.
  • Your brand message is important, make sure you communicate it well but also in an original way.
  • Check out the followers of your chosen candidate and what they communicate, in order to fully decide if they are right for the job.
  • Ask them if they want to do an account takeover, hopefully they will say yes and you are all set to go!


3. Your brand needs an ambassador

As your brand grows and you get more followers, getting a well known ambassador for your brand is definitely going to work in your favor. A celebrity or well known person talking about your business/products and saying how great it is, is going to make more people want to use your services. Think about some people who would be a good match and contact them. Be sure to be realistic with your choice of candidates, you are unlikely to get Johnny Depp or Jennifer Lawrence on board for example! A suitable ambassador will boost your Instagram followers by a lot but also your social media standing on the whole. Having a face to your brand is more likely to make you seem “legit” for potential customers. People will feel a personal connection to you – which will of course increase followers, traffic and sales.

4. Use contests to your advantage

It’s common knowledge that Instagram followers love the chance to win something. Getting something for nothing is appealing so by having contests on your page, you are going to get more attention and grow your followers. Contests are awesome marketing tools, it interests existing followers and spreads the word about you, which also attracts new ones. Offering a piece of technology for the “prize” always gets a lot of interest or you could offer a product you created or your services for further exposure. There are a variety of contests you can do, including the following.

Like to win – A really simple contest where you invite followers to simply like your posts and you will choose a winner at random.

Comment to win – Exactly the same as the other contest ideas but instead of “likes”, you will encourage your followers to comment to win the prize.

Photo contest – Ask your followers to upload a photo that promotes your brand, set a closing date and choose somebody as the winner at that time. This is beneficial for you and whoever wins the contest.

5. Embrace the community

With 400 million people active on the internet, you are guaranteed to find the right audience for your brand. Instagram is a big community and by being good to the community around you and communicating appropriately, it’s a guarantee to success sooner or later. If you stick to the rules of the website and promote your brand in an appropriate way, your followers will grow slowly but surely. In terms of your brand, identify the communities that already exist that are similar.

Search for the top influences in your community and also observe the most popular hashtags in this category. Check out the followers of this community, understand what they do and even more importantly, what they want. What kind of posts do the majority respond to? Serious ones, funny ones or maybe questions posed? Once you know more about the followers, you will be able to adapt your Instagram to suit the community and help your brand.

6. Use video content

Videos are really popular on Instagram right now, so it’s important to take advantage of this to appeal to your followers. Tell a story through your posts using videos, they are much more engaging than pictures and are sure to get your brand noticed the way you want. It’s proven that videos on Instagram raise twice the traffic that photos do. Don’t just throw anything out there however, make sure your videos are engaging and persuasive to viewers. The more creative you can be, the better. Check out other brands for inspiration but be sure to come up with your own unique style. A strong message will make more people likely to share your posts, which is the end goal.

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