6 Things to do After You Buy Twitter Followers

So you’ve decided to use our award-winning Twitter Service to boost your follower count. Now this is where the real fun begins. It’s time to take advantage of your upswing in popularity and turn your goals into reality through the power of Twitter.

Our team of social media experts put together this great guide to making the most out of your business Twitter account. No matter if you’re a professional that wants to increase your influence and reach in the industry, or a business wanting to attract and engage your customers, you can count on us for support.


1. Review Your Twitter Profile

The Twitter profile is going to be the first thing anyone opening your account sees, which is why it needs to look its best.

  • Profile Photo

Your profile photo is what represents you on Twitter, and so it needs to be a photo of yourself that others can recognise. Typically a headshot is a good idea, but you can be creative about things as long as you stay true to the brand. Remember that the image needs to be square and it will be exactly 400×400 pixels. Twitter will resize images for you, but they may do a bad job of cropping it. It’s good to do it yourself.

  • Header Photo

Your header photo should be something interesting that really catches the eye. There’s room for some concise text as well, like including your personal/branded hashtag. Take a look through Hubspot or Twitter Covers to get some ideas. Twitter recommends keeping header images to 1500×500 pixels.

  • Bio

Your bio is limited to just 160 characters, so make the most out of each one. You can make your profile show up in searches by including hashtags in your bio. There’s also the possibility of putting in an active link.

  • Links

Twitter allows you to include a link into your profile page, as well as one in the bio itself. The links are typically used to send people to your home page, blog, or a different social network such as Instagram and YouTube.

2. Tweet and Engage

If you’ve been around the block a few times on Twitter then you can get information from Twitter about which tweets have proven to be popular. This information can be used to help when writing future tweets. Click here to see your own statistics.

This page offers plenty of visual statistics about the reach, engagement, clicks, and even more of your tweets to help you gain an understanding of what interests your followers.

WHAT to Tweet

Twitter is a platform for micro-blogging at heart, with each tweet representing a short 140 character word post from you to the world. You’re free to tweet about any subject you desire, but just what you should be tweeting depends mostly on who you are and what you want to tell your followers. Here’s some tweeting tips for personal accounts:

  • Share your Opinion
  • Attempt to launch a coup in a foreign land
  • Talk to other people and build up friendships
  • Stalk the ex
  • Keep up to date on cultural trends and current events
  • Tag your congressmen in posts about local escort services

HOW to Tweet

Now you have definitive goals, it’s time to think about how to engage with followers successfully. Here are some of the elements that make a truly effective tweet;

  • It Should be Short and Sweet

Each tweet can be 140 characters at the most, but the shortest and sweetest tweets are the most effective. The latest advice from Buffer suggests keep tweets between 71 and 100 characters, and that tweets with less than 100 characters see 17% more engagement.

  • Hashtags

Don’t forget a few relevant #hashtags but avoid using more than two. This brings your tweet in front of people following conversations about your topics. However, using too many #hashtags is just #annoying to #read, especially for your #regulars.

  • Use Media

Statistics show that including images in your tweets increases retweets by 35%, while videos increases it 28%.

  • Ask Questions

One of the best ways to get feedback is to just ask for it. You can get a lot of useful information by encouraging feedback from followers and customers with questions.

  • Links

It’s always good to include links to something valuable, but you should avoid overdoing it and putting links in each and every tweet.

  • A Little Humor

There’s no place like Twitter for offering up a witty one-liner. There’s no harm in stealing some jokes from someone else if you don’t have any ready to go. Take a look at Buzzfeed for inspiration.

WHEN to Tweet

Timing is everything when it comes to tweeting because tweets have particularly short lifespans, especially compared to posts on other social networks. There’s a good chance that your tweet might go unnoticed if your followers aren’t looking at their timeline when the tweet is posted. This is why you should spread your tweets out through the day.

One of the best tools for optimising tweet timing is the Tweroid app. This app allows you to define exactly when most of your followers will be online. Feel free to look through Twitter Analytics to see what times your posts have the most impact as well.

There are several tools for managing your twitter account including TweetDeck and Hootsuite. These free tools keep you organised by enabling you to schedule your tweets through the day, even if you aren’t signed into Twitter at the time. They even allow you to run multiple accounts at once. There are “pro” versions of these tools, but the free version should have more than enough for the average personal account.


3. Promote To your Current Audience

Engagement is the key to Twitter, and people will notice active tweeters across their feeds. Most users actually delete inactive followers, so you shouldn’t be too inactive. You should engage with your followers, no matter where you find them. This is why they call it “social” media. On that note…

  • Streamline your Social Networks

You can connect your Twitter account with your Facebook or Instagram accounts. You can also automatically embed and share SoundCloud tracks and YouTube videos with Twitter. You can also mention your Twitter account on those networks if you want. Remember that someone might not know you have a Twitter account if they find you on a different social network. Let them know about it.

  • Promote Twitter Through your Blog and Website

You can do this with simple links, icons, or widgets. Widgets are a good choice because they show off your newfound social popularity (you’re welcome for that, by the way). This improves the credibility of your Twitter account, and it adds some extra authority to your main website too. Consider it a kind of mutually-beneficial relationship between your website and Twitter accounts. Put up a widget.

  • Add your Twitter Account to your Email Signature

Don’t forget to put your social media information in your email signature. You can do this by including a full link or through your handle on Twitter. Or you can consider putting a clickable image into your signature.

  • Put your Twitter Handle on Printed Materials

This means putting your social media information in your letterhead, resume, and business cards. With printed media it’s best to use your handle (@profile) rather than the full link.

4. Increase your Reach Externally

While you must always be connected to your followers, you also want to increase your network. You have several choices for doing this, some of which are free and some of which cost a fee.

Twitter has some advertising options that come in the form of three main categories; promoted tweets, promoted trends, and promoted accounts. All three of them can be effective, but you should know it’s not cheap to advertise through Twitter like this.

A more affordable – if not more effective – solution is third party advertising and marketing. With the help of the Sponsored Mentions Service from Sozialy, you can have verified influencers mention your account to their own followers. This is one of the best ways to improve your account with lots of high quality followers.

Don’t forget to actively participate on Twitter by searching through relevant hashtags for your industry. #TravelChat is a great hashtag for the travel industry. Every week a collective of industry professionals choose a travel topic to discuss with the hashtag. Many of the people you engage in conversation end up following you. While several of them are going to be peers, there’s also a healthy contingent of potential leads.

5. Keep Things Going!

It’s important to be active on Twitter and engage with followers, particularly when you first join Twitter. There are several ways to do this including:

  • Conversations

Twitter is a place where conversations happen. Think of it like some kind of online party. Join the party to learn more about current trends and maintain your relevance with followers. The easiest and most effective way to do this is just talking to them.

  • Give Back

If someone retweets you or mentions you in a tweet, it means they want to connect to you. It’s best to always answer back, or give them thanks. It is a small courtesy that goes a long way on Twitter. A little goes a long way in the end.

  • Mention Influencers

If there are significant people relevant in your industry then feel free to mention their Twitter hand in a tweet. Don’t worry about aiming for the stars either, as there’s no telling when your tweet will get noticed. Sometimes all you need to go viral and reach the world is a single retweet from the right influence with lots of followers.

  • Make Lists

Lists are an interesting Twitter feature that lets you group accounts together. This can be used to filter through your feed ad let you keep your eye on the important people without any background noise.

6. Get Help From Sozialy

Buying Twitter followers is one of the best ways to boost your account. Follow our advice and you’ll be in a better position that most of your rivals and competitors. It sounds great of course, but we can help you in more ways than just letting you buy Twitter followers.

Favorites and retweets can be very important. These are the number one sign of engagement on Twitter and will help your tweets truly stand out as being credible. We offer a buy retweets and favorites service that allows you to boost the amount of retweets and favorites your tweets receive, instantly. We have an Automatic Twitter Engagement service that handles this for all your tweets automatically.

We brought up Sponsored Mentions earlier and how great it is to have influencers from your niche promote your account. We offer Sponsored Mentions alongside our Twitter Followers plan.

We would recommend combining the two services to make the most out of your boosted Twtter account as they offer social proof and targeted exposure in a single package.

Thank you for reading through our guide. We hope it was helpful to you. Take a look through the Business version of this guide by going back to the top of the page.