5 New Ways to Get Instagram Followers in 2017

What does it take to amass Instagram?

followers? This is definitely a question that has got us scratching our heads sometimes. The question is worth giving thought to. Amassing many Instagram followers ought to be a crucial consideration for any business that conducts its marketing endeavors using Instagram. Even so, it is nowadays quite a tasking affair as opposed to the past. In an effort to enable you get more Instagram followers in 2017, we are enlightening you about 5 key innovative ideas to utilize. These ideas will be the key to amassing Instagram followers at no cost. Let us discuss them in details below.


1.Your Instagram comments can unlock the key to getting followers

Believe it or not, your Instagram comments have the power to make your Instagram following grow immensely. How does this become a reality? It does not work out in the usual, ordinary way that you use to comment on posts of fellow users. It is a fact that majority of us believe that following others’ accounts, likes and comments act as avenues for appealing to new Instagram followers. Although this strategy works, it is very demanding and time wasting. So if you are extremely passionate about getting new Instagram followers, you have to embrace creativity. In essence, it is all about making worthy comments.

As articulated by Sue B. Zimmerman in a recent a blog post, commenting strategically is a viable method of getting Instagram followers. It entails identifying out 10-20 people who have a common audience as you after which you should find the time to interact with them. This is by posting worth comments on what they have recently posted.

The aim is to ensure your comment on the post comes last. When this is so, your comment will be easily noticeable to any person who views the post later on. If you comment in a rather intriguing way, they will be prompted to find out more from your account.

What defines interesting comments? Interesting comments are genuine, spark fun and relevant to other users. Making use of a few emojis adds gist to your comments. The emojis help in revealing your personal character.

Creating engaging comments is comparable to creating an attractive Instagram caption. They should trigger interest, project your persona and lead to action by other users.

2. Instagram stories do wonders

Since August last, Instagram stories have worn the hearts of many users. They have numerous attributes-versatility, humor and fun- which make them a promising tactic for engaging with your audience in significant ways. Zimmerman also asserts that they provide an opportunity for Instagram recommendation.


Allocate time to look at the Instagram Explore page. See the Instagram stories flooding the page at the top? This is the case because Instagram picked them using the posts you like and accounts you follow as the criteria. Instagram further informs you of stories liked by accounts you follow or by majority of users.

How do you position yourself on the Instagram Explore page? The trick is to create content that is informative and resonates well with people. The more your content is relevant, the more it woos a specific audience, the greater the chance of your Instagram account making it to the top of the Instagram Explore page, expresses Zimmerman.

Does this have any connection with the quest to get a large Instagram following? It obviously impacts on your ability to get new followers in one way or another. Since the Explore page is one of the powerful features Instagram is endowed, it can ignite a viral effect when your story is featured. A viral effect translates to plenty of likes, comments and eventually new Instagram followers who pay close attention to your content.

3. Share exciting videos

Are you aware that video content is ranked by 52% of marketing professionals as the content that guarantees great ROI? Or all ad impressions on Instagram are attributed to video content at a percentage of 65%? Video has the capacity to be a very effective tool for brands who seek to showcase their credibility to followers and persuade new audiences. As previously explained in our post with regards to the most appropriate time to post on Instagram, the new version of Instagram algorithm has enhanced quality posting. It focuses more on posts that receive many likes and comments ensuring they are seen by a large number of people. This is to say that if you work towards creating posts that motivate a high level of engagement, it is an indication of quality posts and content. Besides, it is a guarantee that the post will dominate the top of your followers’ feeds and more users will see it.

Generally speaking, video content stimulates high engagement thus the more reason to use it as part of your marketing mix. The incorporation of Instagram Stories, Video Channels on Explore and Live Video on Instagram is also clear signal that Instagram is fully committed to utilization of video content.

Apart from facilitating increased engagement rates in contrast to static images, video content also tops the list of the most effective tools for growing conversions and generating leads. In addition, if your video content enables you to attract a lot of engagement you stand a higher chance of getting on the Explore page. As a result, you end up getting the many Instagram followers that you so much aspire.

4. Run an Instagram Contest

What is the outstanding thing about running an Instagram contest? An Instagram contest presents a simplified and enjoyable way of getting followers on Instagram by a business. It also enhances publicity which aids in attracting new Instagram followers. Join hands with a different business in an effort to brainstorm a workable and achievable Instagram contest idea. It helps to create more awareness about the contest to both the target audience and benefit from sharing followers from each business. The first stage should be to solicit a great business for the partnership. A 3-5 day giveaway should follow. In this giveaway, users should be handed rewards when they follow the two accounts and
tag their friends after posting comments.

A good case study is that of Local Wanderer who partnered with The Burrard (a hip, retro hotel) in downtown Vancouver. The two run a successful giveaway Instagram contest in the recent past. Instagram users were expected to follow both accounts and tag three friends in a comment thus get rewarded (a 2-night stay at the hotel).The Burrard had 500 new Instagram followers when the contest came to an end.

Instagram users tagging their friends in comments increases the attention a contest gets and helps you attract many Instagram followers than you would under normal circumstances.


5. Come up with sound Instagram Hashtag Strategy

A crucial ingredient of any Instagram marketing campaign is a reliable Instagram hashtag strategy. The same case should be replicated in any business that aspires to get Instagram followers.

As a matter of fact, Instagram hashtags are part and parcel of social media marketers’ most important tools. By having a blend of precise hashtags, it is possible for you to fully publicize your brand to your specified audiences in large numbers. Hashtags act as the engines that ignite your Instagram account. They ensure you get more and new followers, more likes and higher engagement.

Do a simple research to know the hashtags most preferred by your audience and then find out which posts use the said hashtag. When you identify the posts, start active interaction with your audience by liking and posting comments. For this purpose, use Laters Search and Repost, a feature which integrates the use of locations, hashtags and users during Instagram posts search. Search & Repost, a feature within the Later app, can help you to when commenting on Instagram posts.

It is also worth mentioning that searching, posting and become actively involved in hashtags with an active audience is a good strategy to implement. This helps to share your views with other users who share in your perspective and expose your brand simultaneously. #morningslikethese Instagram hashtag community comes to mind as an example of a hashtag with an active community. This hashtag involves images and videos which the users share. The content shared reveals more about the users’ morning rituals. Integrating this hashtag in your post can aid you in building your account by getting more followers.

It is becoming more and more evident that amassing many Instagram followers is now a major objective for most businesses. Given that Instagram has over 600 million active monthly users and assures high engagement rates, it is automatically a suitable platform for businesses to expose their brands and connect with their target audiences. We believe the 5 ideas we have shared with you here will add value in your journey of getting Instagram followers in 2017. We will appreciate if you share with us more ideas on how to get Instagram followers via the comments section.