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Build a Remarkable Instagram Profile

The growth of Instagram was very quick. Among the plethora of photo and video sharing networks out there, Instagram managed to make its mark with its unique offerings. Since its release in Oct 2010, Instagram has been growing fast to over 500 million users as of 2016 (according to Statista). In 2012, Facebook acquired IG for nearly a billion dollars. Instagram is so successful due to its editing and enhancement options that take photos to a new level. In this article, read about ten tips to popularize and improve your account.

Link Your Profile With Other Networks

Instagram allows you to link your account with other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. To do this, go to your profile and tap Linked Accounts->Share Settings. From here, you can connect to various social networks. Once your accounts are connected, you can post to other social media sites directly from your IG interface.

Mention Other Instagrammers

Instagram, like Twitter, uses the "@" sign to distinguish usernames. Putting the usernames of other Instagrammers with the "@" in front of them is a quick way to mention them in your posts. Mentioning popular Instagrammers can probably prompt a mention back, which can boost your popularity.

Tagging People

You can tag your photos just like on Facebook. From the Share screen, tap the option "Tag People," and tap the face of the person you want to tag. Now, enter either the username of the person you want to tag or their name. It lets you select the person from a dropdown as you are typing.

Making Photos and Videos Private

If you wish to make your photos and videos private, it's very easy. In order to activate privacy settings on your posts and images, go to your profile, tap on the gear icon, and turn on "Private Account." Once this feature is turned on, only your followers can view your posts and shares. Also, you will have the privilege of approving your followers.

Embedding Photos

You can embed your photos on your website. In order to do this, tap the three dots icon and select "Embed." From the dialog box that opens, copy the embed code for the photo and paste it into the HTML code of your website in the position where you want the photo to appear. Embedded content includes the user name, photo caption, and the option for people to follow your profile. The photo will also be responsive (automatically adjusting to the screen size on which it is displayed).

Untag Yourself From Photos

Some people don't like being tagged in photos. If any of your friends tags you on a photo, it shows up in the "Photos of You" section. If you don't like a photo of you, you can either hide the photo or untag yourself from it. Once you tap the photo, you will see your ID. Tap on it to bring up a contextual menu from where you can select "Hide From My Profile" or "Remove Me From Photo."


Like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram uses hashtags to set off topics and create discussions. Adding hashtags can help you gather more followers and likes. Put a pound sign (#) followed by the keyword you want to tag on your share. Ensure that the hashtag is relevant to the photo: Don't tag "#USPolitics" on the photo of your puppy, for instance.

Get Noticed by Instagram

Insta publishes a list called "Suggested Users" in which it features some profiles with niche streams of engaging photos. Get featured in it and you can double your followers overnight. Although the secrets to getting featured in the list are well kept, having a steady stream of unique, high-quality photographs with a specific theme can't hurt your chances.

Managing Multiple Accounts

Instagram now allows the creation and management of up to five accounts. Tap the gear icon from your profile page and tap "Add Account" and select the user name and password for the new account. After you create multiple accounts, you can switch among them by tapping your user name on the profile page.

Additional Apps

The IG family of apps includes two more: Boomerang and Layout. You need to download them separately. Boomerang lets you arrange a number of photographs in the form of a small video that can be played forward as well as backward. Layout lets you create a collage with multiple photos. Both help you engage with followers in a better way. Insta is a popular and powerful photo sharing platform that promotes a photography culture. If you take a few steps, it's very easy to build a noteworthy profile with a lot of Instagram followers and likes. A prolific account will increase your website traffic and bring a positive impact on revenue.